No 2995

Provincial Visit

On Wednesday 5th April 2017, St. Gabriel Lodge was honoured to received a Provincial Visit headed by W Bro. Brian Denton PSGD, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM) and the Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland. There were at least 22 of 2016-17 Provincial Officers came along to support our APGM and the Lodge. Overall, there were at least 60 Brethren in attendance.

It was a second degree ceremony with Bro. Sean Hawdon being passed who answered his questions fluently and with great confidence. The WM, W Bro. Michael Povey PProvJGD conducted the whole second degree ceremony by himself with the SW delivered an excellent tools and charge. At the end of ceremony, W Bro. Denton commented that Bro. Sean's questions-and-answers was one the the best he ever witnessed as well as the WM performing the whole of his part was rarely to be seen nowsdays. To conclude, he presented W Bro. Povey the 2020 Festival collarette and congratulated the Lodge for reaching its target. 6 Brethren were also being presented with their 2020 Festival Jewels by W Bro. Dennis Frazer, the Lodge Charity Steward. 

At the Festive Board, the APGM mentioned and reminded the Brethren the various events to be held in the Province for our Tercentenary Celebration and asked the Brethren to support as many of these events as they can. After his speech, the Provincal Junior Grand Warden, W Bro. Stephen Little proposed an excellent toast to the Lodge with his well researched history of the Lodge.

The Tyler's toast was proposed at around 11:15 p.m. which brought the very memorable and enjoyable evening to an end.